When Do You Need an LED High Bay with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware?

We count on LED High Bay fixtures to light up different areas. Some areas, such as natatoriums and aquatic facilities have the unique challenge in that they not only experience high humidity levels, but also airborne chlorine particles due to the chemicals used to treat [...]

A Bright Spot in Large Spaces: High Bay Lighting

Are you responsible for lighting large areas like manufacturing facilities or large warehousing spaces? These spaces depend on artificial light for safety and clear visibility. With the potential expense of lighting, considering a change to LED could be the key to longer life, reduced maintenance [...]

LED Garage Fixtures from Sigma Luminous Improve the Bottom Line for Property Managers

A good property manager keeps a careful eye on expenses each month. To improve the bottom line, it’s essential to root out and eliminate waste in areas such as energy costs. For example, it’s easy to underestimate the energy consumed just keeping the lights on [...]

New Luminous LED Retrofits: More Secure, More Efficient

Businesses of all types are discovering the savings potential in switching from a large variety lighting technologies to more efficient LEDs. While replacing every fixture can be costly, retrofitting allows each fixture to stay mostly intact while still benefitting from the efficiency and performance of [...]