New High Bay Lighting Options Cut Costs for Large Industrial Operations

New High Bay Lighting Options Cut Costs for Large Industrial Operations

Large industrial and commercial buildings need effective high bay lighting systems to ensure good visibility and optimal use of the space. Unfortunately, many traditional high bay systems require a great deal of energy, and give off large amounts of heat. These lights also tend to darken quickly while colors shift over time, causing a loss of visibility and accuracy.

Standard high bay systems typically use High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs, which are highly inefficient. Both HID and fluorescent high bays also require frequent bulb changes, which wastes time and can cause production delays. More and more businesses today are replacing these outdated technologies with superior LED High Bay lighting options from Sigma Luminous, an LED luminaire manufacturer based in Livonia, Michigan.

LED lights are far more energy efficient than their HID counterparts – up to 70% more. In the typical warehouse, lighting accounts for approximately 38% of the total energy use. When you add in the air conditioning required to offset the heat produced by HID lights, a total of 75% of all energy costs is related to lighting.

Sigma offers LED high bays with crisp, white HD quality light and a state-of-the-art ICE cooling system – which uses liquid filled cooling coils to draw heat away from the LED – keeping it running for over 100,000 hours. For example, the Sigma ICE LED 400w High Bay can directly replace a 1,000w HID, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, or equivalent light source. Just remove the old fixture from its hanging element, and replace it one for one with a Sigma ICE LED High Bay. We offer multiple wattages to replace 250w, 400w and 1,000w high bay lights – all at competitive prices.

With LED High Bay lighting from Sigma Luminous, you will experience high quality light with energy savings you can’t afford to pass up! Our sleek ICE LED High Bay lights feature high performance with a 50,000-hour life – equal to 11 years of lighting for 12 hours a day. Our high bay LED lights meet the IP67 rating and qualify for the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA). They are made in Korea, and ship Next Day from Detroit.

Sigma LEDs have a good color rendering index of 85. They maintain a controlled distribution of light, providing enhanced uniformity and higher efficacy. LED technology has surpassed government mandated energy efficiency standards, and Sigma Luminous ICE LED High Bay lights are DLC certified and eligible for rebates from your local electric utility. The units weigh between 4-12 pounds, and include an eye bolt on top as well as a 120v/277v multi-tap voltage, for easy installation.

Operators of large industrial and commercial facilities know conventional high bay lighting systems use tremendous amounts of energy and give off heat. These systems also lose brightness and change colors over time, making for unsatisfactory working conditions and costly delays in production while crews replace them.

If your facility has not yet switched over from HID or fluorescent high bays, Sigma Luminous can help. With our ICE LED High Bays, we provide energy efficient lighting solutions to global customers such as Kimberly Clark, ExxonMobil, Motion Industries, MSC Industrial, and others.

Let us help you eliminate high wattage light bulbs from your industrial or commercial facility.

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