Businesses of all types are discovering the savings potential in switching from a large variety lighting technologies to more efficient LEDs. While replacing every fixture can be costly, retrofitting allows each fixture to stay mostly intact while still benefitting from the efficiency and performance of LEDs.

Sigma Luminous is proud to announce a new line Luminous LED Retrofits to help businesses save as they transform their lighting to use LED technology. The prior design of the retrofit utilized the existing socket in the fixture. Often times these sockets are worn or flimsy, resulting in a not-so-secure installation method. LED engines would often rest on the glass of the fixture, potentially damaging the LED engine and altering the beam spread. Sigma Luminous designed a bracket to replace the socket entirely, meaning a significantly more secure, robust installation method. This also removes the need for costly plate installation methods.

The Luminous LED Retrofits are DLC certified for pole mounted HID fixtures, meaning they are rebate eligible.

The Luminous LED Retrofits come in four different models: Mini, Pro, Ultra, and Elite. The Elite Unit includes a safety chain. All models boast high efficiency ranging from 104 to 125 lumens per watt. The Lumens per watt measurement tells us the amount of visible light as a result of an amount of energy. For reference, traditional incandescent bulbs in the US typically produce less than 20 lumens per watt. Luminous LED retrofits work on HID fixtures ranging from 175 – 1,000w. And with a rated life of 50,000+ hours and a 5-year warranty, retrofitting your lighting with Luminous LED retrofits will be a long term and dependable situation.

It has been well established that LEDs have a significant ROI as a result of energy efficiency. However, replacing entire fixtures is often an expense companies can’t afford. Retrofitting is a simpler and less costly process, and with Luminous LED Retrofits, you can count on the transforming your lighting system with a secure, efficient, and dependable product.