Save energy and money with LED lighting, poles and accessory packages

Save energy and money with LED lighting, poles and accessory packages

According to the Small Business Administration, an upgrade in lighting for businesses can result in significant cost savings, and usually provides the highest return on investment of any major upgrade. Depending on the type of business, lighting may account for 20% to 50% of the total electric bill. Investing in improved lighting technologies, along with an effective lighting design, will produce both performance and energy savings for businesses using high wattage lamps – 175w to 2000w.

Commercial and industrial companies must constantly look to boost the bottom line, while meeting ever stricter efficiency regulations. In order to achieve both maximum savings on electricity costs while maintaining optimal light quality for operations, a lighting professional with experience in energy efficiency, such as Sigma Luminous, should be consulted before investing in a new lighting system.

Sigma Luminous provides LED lighting solutions that deliver energy savings by eliminating high wattage light bulbs from industrial and commercial facilities. In our search for ways to offer a broader product offering, we have added light poles to our product lineup.

Though smaller LED manufacturers typically do not offer light poles, we now carry high quality, made-in-the USA poles and accessories for commercial & industrial, roadway, decorative, and high mast light fixtures.

Sigma Luminous sells exclusively through the electrical distribution market using manufacturers’ sales representatives with exclusive geographic territories.

This launch gives us a larger breadth of offering for our sales reps and our channel partners,” explains Jeff Cahill of Sigma Luminous. “Sales reps can now bid on entire packages with our poles and fixtures, versus going to two or three different manufacturers for this.”

Sigma Luminous offers a quick ship, 2 week or less offering of square straight poles in two gauges, two shaft sizes, and several lengths between 15 and 30ft., with a standard dark bronze powder coated finish. Pole top accessories include tenon or drill top mounts, with optional brackets for tenon mount in several configurations.

Orders that meet the following criteria can be shipped in two weeks or less:

  • Quantity of 19 poles or less
  • Dark bronze powder coated finish
  • Standard tenon mount or universal drill top

Custom poles are available – from hinged poles to 50ft aluminum tapered poles, just with longer lead times.

To start saving money for your company, consider scheduling a facility lighting audit with one of our energy efficiency experts today. We can help you create a lighting strategy, tailoring a solution to your needs using the latest energy-saving technologies. Our new line of poles and accessories makes it easy to get your project rolling – no need to work with multiple companies.

By offering poles and fixtures from the same manufacturer, you are ensured a good match, as well as easier and more competitive bidding.

At Sigma Luminous, we specialize in eliminating high-wattage bulbs that waste energy and money in your facility.

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