Sigma Luminous exhibited some of our more powerful LED products at Light Fair 2017 in Philadelphia this past month and really enjoyed getting to both teach and learn alongside our peers in the industry. As we roll out our next line of amazing LED products for indoor lighting, roadways, parking lots, and sports fields, we were able to feature our current roster of high powered, high bay LED lights. One of our most talked about products at the show was the Sigma ICE LED High Bay.

The Sigma ICE LED High Bay is designed to replace a 1,000w Metal Halide, HID, High Pressure Sodium or equivalent light source on a 1-for-1 basis. It delivers crisp, white, HD quality light from a fixture that weighs just over 12 lbs.

To learn more about the ICE High Bay and for complete Specs and info on the ICE System click here

You can view the spec sheet here