2X2 LED Luminaire – Color Tune

2X2 LED Luminaire – Color Tune

Sigma Luminous STL100-A45WD 2×2 LED Luminaire

The STL100-A45WD luminaire model delivers unparalleled quality & performance for an LED luminaire . You can tune the color it emits, illuminating white light from an incandescent like 3000k to a noon sky like 6500k.

This allows for the interior light to better mimic whats happening outside and help keep you closer to your natural circadian rhythm, our biological sleep/wake cycle.

By using our touch fader, you can tune the light to a 6500k color to wake you up in the morning, 5000k at noon to help you concentrate, and then tune to 3000k for the last hour of the day to help you relax and leave work refreshed.

This light also has fantastic benefits for education – different light colors for different subjects. Teaching Science? Tune to 5000k to keep them focused. Just came in from recess or lunch? Tune to 3000k to calm the students down.



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