The SigmaSmart IoT Control System is the most advanced building automation and lighting controller in the world, and it’s Made in the USA!

The SigmaSmart IoT Control System is the first controller of its kind to bridge the gap between building automation systems and lighting systems. This control system makes expensive and cumbersome systems that do not communicate well a thing of the past!

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Sleek Design Meets State of the Art Performance

  • 48VDC Building Automation Controller for LED Lighting
  • 12 Independent LED Driver Channels (up to 70 watts/channel)
  • 10 Universal Inputs (analog and digital) for hardwired sensors and switches
  • 15 EnOcean Wireless Inputs for sensors and switches
  • Integrated Watt Meter collects Amps, Volts, Watts and Watt-hours
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Certifications: ETL, cETL

Sigma Smart Spec Sheet

Sigma Smart Building Automation

Sigma Smart Handout

SLXI-1 Programmable Controller

SLXO-1 Programmable Controller

SLXO-2 Programmable Controller

SL Series Controller