June 7 2019 Livonia, MI

Sigma International, a Detroit based automotive supplier, has sold its controlling interest in Sigma Luminous to current Sigma Luminous President Allen Middleton.

Sigma Luminous, launched in 2012 as an LED luminaire manufacturer, has grown to an organization with over 400 distribution partners and Sales Agency representation across the United States and Canada.

Mr. Middleton has over 38 years of experience in the Lighting and controls industry and is proud to be CEO of the exciting group at Sigma Luminous. His work as an executive began with Universal Lighting Technologies (ULT) in 1998 as Canadian Sales Manager. With his guidance ULT became a powerhouse in the Sign and OEM and lighting distribution markets for Canada. Mr. Middleton then went on to work with Allanson Lighting Electrics, USLED, Westburne Electric, Starlite LED and finally Sigma Luminous.

Mr. Middleton had this to say about the company:
“We have become a leader in our industry with our IoT platform, and we have a great track record of partnering with Agents, Distributors, ESCOs and systems Integrators to help grow the Sigma Luminous brand. Led by our core values: Integrity, Professionalism, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Empowerment, and Work/Life Balance, the entire Sigma Luminous team is very passionate about using these values to make decisions and move us forward. “  

“Sigma Luminous has a good balance of youth and experience. We have a talented group with varying MBA specialties – Jeff (Marketing), Jessica (Operations) and Waseem (Finance). In 2012 they launched Sigma Luminous. By adding some experienced lighting professionals, Robert McCoy, Richard Saxby and myself; we have over 75 years’ experience between the 3 of us, we believe we have a good understanding of what people in the industry need at all levels.”

“I’m really excited about the future of Sigma Luminous. We look forward to many years ahead and encourage you to give one of our professional staff a call to see how we can work together for a brighter, more energy efficient future.”

“At Sigma Luminous we value our partnership and encourage you to reach out to discuss strengthening our business relationship.”

To contact Mr. Middleton –
Allen Middleton
P – (734)402-8590
E – [email protected]


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