When evaluating LED fixtures for a facility, you want to make sure you are specifying the most robust fixture for the project. This is especially important for food production facilities and wash down areas.

We previously discussed 316 marine grade hardware and its importance in high humidity areas as well as the IP rating system. While those alone are robust enough for most environments, food production and wash down areas require that fixtures have the NSF mark.

NSF International develops standards and certification programs to protect the world’s water, food, environment, and products used by us every day. They use OSHA and ISO certified testing labs to evaluate products and their manufacturer’s commitment to quality through the ambitious standards set by those certifications. Depending on the specific certification, they perform audits of the manufacturing plant as the product itself. For instance, for wash down areas, they will test to make sure that standing water will not remain in the fixture to promote bacteria growth.

The Sigma Razor and Sigma Falcon now bear the NSF mark in the category of “Light Fixture for Splash and Non-Food Zone”. Please click this link to view the certification. We have several installations of the Razor fixtures in Dairy Farms throughout the USA. Please see the picture below of a project we just completed in Illinois.


Now, with their L70 lifetime of 200,000+ hours, IP65 rating, standard 316 marine grade hardware, DLC premium listing, and now NSF listing, choosing the Sigma Razor or Falcon is even more appealing for your lighting project. Contact us to learn more these fixtures.

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