The number one killer of LEDs is heat, so a well-designed thermal management system is critical for the longevity of your LED lighting.  In previous blog posts we have discussed active cooling, or the use of fans to properly dissipate the heat generated by LEDs.   Now we turn our focus to passive cooling, or the use of heat sinks to manage heat in LEDs.

There are three main types of heat sink: metal heat sink, heat pipe heat sink, ICE heat sink.

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The newest heat sink technology, the ice heat sink, utilizes fluid dynamic pressure to achieve a high reliability of operation that maximizes the radiation area due to the long thin pipes.  The length of the pipes is limitless and the design minimizes manufacturing costs – which translates to superior heat dissipation at a reduced cost.

This innovative approach to thermal management is used in the newest line of products from Sigma Luminous – the Sigma ICE Series.  This revolutionary heat sink translates to an extremely light weight LED fixture at a very economical price.  This highly versatile family of products will quickly become a favorite to work with due to the light weight, ease of installation, and long lifetime of the LEDs due to this patented new thermal management technology.  Contact us today to learn how the ICE family of products can work for you!